Nosh Creative | 2021cprice guide
Nosh Creative is a full-service, graphic design firm that specializes in restaurant & bar branding development with offices in Dallas, Texas and Taos, New Mexico.
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Pricing for 2021*

Logo Development – $3500
6-10 logo concepts presented based on final name.
2 rounds of changes with final color study.**

Website Design – starting at $5000
1-2 designs presented for initial website design.

Menu Development** – $2500
2-3 menu designs for hand-help menu or menu board.
Additional menus will be based off approved design if needed.

Package Design – $3500
2-3 designs presented for initial package design.

* This is standard branding package. Additional items are priced accordingly at $100/hr. This is not an actual estimate. There is a $1500 deposit required to begin work.

** Menus are produced in Adobe InDesign. We do not produce menus (or anything else) in Word.